Calculation of monthly March Horoscope Cancer 2015

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Monthly Horoscope March 2015

The questioner's Monthly Horoscope March 2015
Zodiac Sign Cancer

The calculation of your Cancer Horoscope March

Here you find the calculation of your monthly horoscope.
For every day of the March you find a horoscope which shows you the most important event, which may happen on the respective day.
To archive your monthly horoscope, you can save it or print it.
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March 2015

Monthly Cancer Horoscope March 2015


  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
1st of March 2015
Wine is your horoscope
The Wine:
A fantastic day is waiting for you!
All day you will have luck and you will feel good. You will get positive news about money. In evening you will make a little party with some friends. If you still do not know about any party, call your friends, they maybe forget to invite you!

  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
2nd of March 2015
Cemetery is your horoscope
The Cemetery:
On this day you must take care of accidents! Also a small accident at home or at work is possible.
At work you will make a big mistake on this day. This mistake will cost much money for the company. Learn out of the mistake and try to avoid it, next time.

  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
3rd of March 2015
Lilies is your horoscope
The Lilies:
Your words are weapons.
So please take care, what you say to whom.
On this day, you really can hurt somebody by the power of your words.
You can also start family distress. If you do not feel good on this day, please relax and make a calm day. This is better for you and your surrounding.

  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
4th of March 2015
Rod is your horoscope
The Rod:
This day disputes with your family can arise. You can demonstrate power with your words or you can help somebody with your knowledge and find out a peaceful way out of the dispute.

  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
5th of March 2015
Pig is your horoscope
The Pig:
On this day a situation will come to you, in which you will have very much luck.
It may have something to do with money and lottery, but it can also be a lucky situation, where you can prevent an accident.
In any case, this day you will also have contact to jealous people, who will talk bad about you.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
6th of March 2015
Pigeons is your horoscope  The Pigeons:
On this day you will get an invitation from a friend for a marriage party or for a engagement party.
At work everything will run smooth, no problems will arise.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
7th of March 2015
Spider is your horoscope  The Spider:
On this day you must watch out. You will be surrounded with hypocrisy and false friends.
Take care in all, what you are doing and in all, what you are saying. Somebody means it really bad with you.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
8th of March 2015
House is your horoscope  The House:
This day you will feel strong and healthy. If you have a sickness, the you are currently in healing process. You will try to realize a plan today, on which you worked out already long time. It will be a change in your house. Maybe you want to build a barbecue area or a car port?
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
9th of March 2015
Lightning is your horoscope  The Lightning:
On this day when you wake up you already feel that you bristle with energy. Try to control your inner energy. If you can keep the power inside of you, if you can control it, then you can set the world on fire.
If the energy bursts out of you, then you can hurt somebody, different than originally planned.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
10th of March 2015
Path is your horoscope  The Path:
A problem which you carry around with yourself will cause you on this day trouble. Use the day and make a decision, which will help you for your future!
Do not duck out!
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
11th of March 2015
Sphinx is your horoscope  The Sphinx:
At this special day something mysteriously will happen to you. A incomprehensible situation will occur, but this situation will not be bad for you. Anyway you should take care on this day.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
12th of March 2015
Nile Cabbage is your horoscope  The Nile Cabbage:
On this day your Fortune will change!
If you had much unluck in the last time, then Lady Fortune will smile on you.
But if you had much luck in the last time, then on this day you will have a big disappointment.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
13th of March 2015
Cupid is your horoscope  Cupid:
You will get a lot of compliments on this day. Some from your working colleges, some from strangers in the street. On this day you will feel strong and sexy. It will be a good day for your self-confidence.
If you go out in the evening, then you will for sure not go home alone!
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
14th of March 2015
Birds is your horoscope  The Birds:
This day will be a stressful day for you. You will have to concentrate a lot. Pay attention to your blood pressure and to your nerves.
But the stress you will only have for a short time.
A short trip or a weekend trip may happen.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
15th of March 2015
Key is your horoscope  The Key:
On this day you will be confronted with a problem. If you want to know how to solve this problem, find the key.
The key opens doors and gates. You can find secrets, find the right way and you can get background information.
If you solve your problem, then you will get more information then you need. Information, that will give you knowledge and power about some people.
Use this knowledge wise!
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
16th of March 2015
Cat is your horoscope  The Cat:
Watch out, on this day! A false person will attack you. He will have success with it, because he planned it already tong time. You will have a loss on this day. If you fight back, watch out that you do it from a higher level then him. Do not drag him through the dirt, also if he has deserved it. Fight fair and remember that your words are your weapons!
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
17th of March 2015
Letter is your horoscope  The Letter:
On this day you wil get positiv news! It can be transmitted by email or by Facebook.
If you apply for a job then you will get a positive letter about the new job.
A tip: Do not forget your friend and write them a letter or a mail. There is certainly somebody who will be happy about it.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
18th of March 2015
The Star is your horoscope  The Star:
This day will be your lucky day!
At home or in work, today you will have the decisive luck to have a great day.
If you want to start a new project, then this day is the right day for this. Maybe you should try to play lottery? Do not play with much money, just spend a little and you will win!
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
19th of March 2015
Fishes is your horoscope  The Fishes:
On this day you will have a good hand in financial affairs.
What you will touch will become to Gold. You will generate profits. This day will also be a good day for you to play lottery. Maybe a big win is waiting for you.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
20th of March 2015
Snake is your horoscope  The Snake:
On this day you must take care all day, in what you are doing and what you are saying. There is a very bad person, who is jealous. It is most likely a woman in your close social environment.
You can lose your face and your image on this day, if you do not take care.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
21st of March 2015
Lady is your horoscope  The Lady:
If you are a man, then you will have a hot flirt on this day!
Maybe, it will start already at work? But take care, if you already have a partner, that you will not hurt her feelings.
If you are a lady then this cards shows you, that on this day you will be too much egoistic. You will only to advance your interest, which can be cause dispute with some fellows.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
22nd of March 2015
Moon is your horoscope  The Moon:
This day you will feel a little depressive and gloomy. There was a situation, on which you are still thinking. Something happened, and you still not feel comfortable what happened. Try to find out a way out of this situation. Start with some phone calls with friends.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
23rd of March 2015
Clouds is your horoscope  The Clouds:
On this day you will be confronted with an unclear situation. It will probably happen at work or after work with some friends. A problem will arise out of the situation and you must decide, if you run away from the problem or you will confront with it.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
24th of March 2015
Flower is your horoscope  The Flower:
A day full of luck and happiness is waiting for you!
Already when you wake up, you will feel strong and you will have good mood.
You will have small fortunes at home and in your work. You can have a beautiful day on this day, when you go out and make a trip.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
25th of March 2015
Stork is your horoscope  The Stork:
Your financial situation will change, on this day!
If your account were in recent times very thin, then you can be delighted, because you will get unexpected money.
If you do not worry about money, then greater expenses will come to you, that will make you a little bit worry.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
26th of March 2015
Fox is your horoscope  The Fox:
Watch out this day for a friendly man. You know him already and he will try to betray you. It may happen at work, it will may happen after work. But it will happen definitely on this day.
  The questioner's monthly Horoscope
27th of March 2015
Tree is your horoscope  The Tree:
On this day an old friend will get in contact with you by Facebook or by Email. Try to maintain relationships with old friends.
You will feel strong and healthy this day, a wounderful day is waiting for you!
  The questioner's Horoscope
28th of March 2015
Snail is your horoscope  The Snail:
On this day the time will run and you will think that you are not able to handle your work successfully. You will burden yourself with a problem.
Try to take time to solve the problem. Otherwise you will spoil your day.
  The questioner's Horoscope
29th of March 2015
Ship is your horoscope  The Ship:
Don't worry too much on this day. Let the situations come to you, think about a solution and do everything with caution. You only have to take care that you don't dwell on daydreams.
Open your mind and your eyes on this day and you will have a successful day!
  The questioner's Horoscope
30th of March 2015
Tower is your horoscope  The Tower:
Don't maintain your ground and try to see things from a higher perspective. On this day you will be a little stubborn again. This is not new for you. But really, try to see things from another perspective, not only from your point of view.
Sometimes other people are right, even if you think, that you are right.
  The questioner's Horoscope
31st of March 2015
Sword is your horoscope  The Sword:
On this day you will already feel that a threat is coming to you. It will look that you will get a big problem, but then somebody, who you never expected, will help you.
Maybe you will find a new good friend at the end of the day.

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