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Horoscope meaning

The Death is
your Horoscope

Ending and a new beginning

Horoscope Death, new beginning

The Horoscope meaning of the Death:
First and foremost the death is announcing the end and indicate a new beginning.
It is possible on work, in a relationship or in a change of residence.
The death is absolutely no negative card, because something comes to an end and something new is coming, which can be much better in the long term, as the old state.

The daily Horoscope of Death:
Today a day full of surprises comes to you. Something or someone with which or whom you have had a long time to do, will be terminated. It can be a project, which is now complete, but also a work colleague who will be adopted today. Because a termination is always together with a fresh start, you are also getting something new, something nice today. For example, a new, friendly work colleague, you have to incorporate.

Single's Love Horoscope - the Death:
For you as a single, the death is a good Horoscope card, because it announces a serious change in your life. What could be more serious for you, as a new love partner?
Walk with an open mind through the day and soon your dream partner will come into your life!

Partnership Love Horoscope - the Child:
Now a very quick action is required by you.
Unfortunately the death in a partnership is standing for ending the relationship. However, it can also just be a warning card that makes you aware of what will happen if you do not change.
Much time you will not have to heal your relationship. Grab your partner and finally clarify the disturbing problems between you and your partner, which are there already for a long time!

The yearly horoscope, financial and professional meaning of Death:
A year of new beginnings.
There will be major changes this year for you.
Most probably is a change of your job, or in your private life will change something seriously.
Do not cling tightly to the old state, go with open arms to the new life, because it is inevitable your future.

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